The South of England Regional Programming Language Seminar (S-REPLS) is a regular and informal meeting for those based in the South of England with a professional interest—whether it be academic or commercial—in the semantics and implementation of programming languages.

Note: the S-REPLS website and mailing lists are administered by Ohad Kammar, Dominic Mulligan, and Jeremy Yallop.  Every other aspect of S-REPLS meetings is decided by hosts including the choice of invited and volunteer speakers.

The next S-REPLS meeting will be held across two days on July 23-24 2019 at the University of Surrey, Guildford, and will be organised by Brijesh Dongol.  The meeting will be co-located with the UK Concurrency Workshop.


Southern England has a substantial community of people with an interest in programming language theory (PLT).  However, away from the field’s large academic conferences there are currently limited opportunities for interaction, discussion and proliferation of new ideas, or networking within this community.  With S-REPLS we are remedying that.

S-REPLS is based on the Scottish Programming Languages Seminar (SPLS), a similar informal yet regular meeting of like-minded souls in Scotland.  SPLS is well attended and widely anticipated by the PLT community in Scotland, and we hope that S-REPLS will be too.

Mailing list

A JISCMAIL mailing list has been set up for S-REPLS.  All S-REPLS related communications will be made via the mailing list.  We therefore encourage all with an interest in attending any future meetings to subscribe to our mailing list HERE.

Upcoming meetings

Future S-REPLS meetings, and their local organisers (in order):

  1. University of Cambridge, late 2019 (tentative).  Local organisers: Peter Sewell (TBC).

We are always delighted to receive offers to host an S-REPLS meeting.  We hope to cement a pattern of one S-REPLS meeting being held outside of London, followed by the next meeting inside London, due to London’s centrality in the region.

Past meetings

Talk abstracts, slides, and video when available, from previous S-REPLS meetings can be found here.

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