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Yesterday’s inaugural S-REPLS meeting seems to have been a complete success.  Many thanks to all of our speakers, both invited and volunteered, and to everybody else who attended and made the day what it was!

If you wish to sign up to the S-REPLS mailing list, where all information about future events will be posted, please click HERE.


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“Lem: reusable engineering of real world semantics”, joint work with Dominic P. Mulligan, Scott Owens, Kathryn E. Gray, Tom Ridge and Peter Sewell”.

To appear at the International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP) 2014.

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“Certified complexity (CerCo)”, joint work with Roberto Amadio, Nicolas Ayache, Francois Bobot, Jaap Boender, Brian Campbell, Ilias Garnier, Antoine Madet, James McKinna, Dominic Mulligan, Mauro Piccolo, Randy Pollack, Yann Regis-Gianas, Claudio Sacerdoti Coen, Ian Stark and Paolo Tranquilli.

To appear in the postproceedings of the third international workshop on Foundational and Practical Aspects of Resource Analysis (FOPARA) 2013.

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“On the correctness of an optimising assembler”, joint work with Claudio Sacerdoti Coen, describing a formalisation and proof of correctness in Matita of an optimising assembler for the Intel MCS-51 8-bit microprocessor, part of the CerCo project.

To be presented at Certified Proof and Programs (CPP) 2012.