Author: Dominic Mulligan

Second S-REPLS meeting a success

The second S-REPLS meeting at Middlesex University was a success!  We thank Andrei, Jaap, and Raja, for organising, the invited and contributed speakers for giving very interesting talks, and the OCamlLabs initiative for agreeing to sponsor the event once more. We look forward to the next S-REPLS meeting to be held in early 2016 at the

Second S-REPLS meeting announced

Andrei Popescu, Jaap Boender and Raja Nagarajan have now announced the second S-REPLS meeting to be held on Friday 20th November at Middlesex University, London.  Proposals for contributed talks are currently being solicited.  See here for more details. The second meeting follows on from the very successful first S-REPLS meeting held in Cambridge earlier this

New paper

“An integrated concurrency and core-ISA architectural envelope definition, and test oracle, for IBM POWER multiprocessors”, joint work with Kathryn Gray, Gabriel Kerneis, Christopher Pulte, Susmit Sarkar and Peter Sewell. To appear at the 48th Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture, 2015 (MICRO 48).

First S-REPLS meeting a success!

Yesterday’s inaugural S-REPLS meeting seems to have been a complete success.  Many thanks to all of our speakers, both invited and volunteered, and to everybody else who attended and made the day what it was! If you wish to sign up to the S-REPLS mailing list, where all information about future events will be posted,

New paper

“Lem: reusable engineering of real world semantics”, joint work with Dominic P. Mulligan, Scott Owens, Kathryn E. Gray, Tom Ridge and Peter Sewell”. To appear at the International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP) 2014.