New SREPLS homepage

Due to the increasing unreliability of my site host, I am in the process of moving all of the SREPLS material off my website and onto a dedicate site, hosted by Github Pages. The new site can be found at:

In time, I will also move my own homepage to Github Pages, too.

SREPLS 12 dates announced

SREPLS 12 will be co-located with the UK Concurrency Workshop in a two-day event at the University of Surrey on 23rd-24th July.

The event is being organised by Brijesh Dongol.

Please see the event website for more details on the joint event, as well as instructions on how to volunteer a talk.

Many thanks to Brijesh and the University of Surrey for volunteering to organise the meeting, and for funding from the VeTSS and University of Surrey ACE programme.

New paper

Interleaving anomalies in collaborative text editors“. Joint work with Martin Kleppmann, Victor Gomes, and Alastair Beresford. Accepted at the 6th Workshop on the Principles and Practices of Consistency of Distributed Data (PaPoC 2019).